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Finally, someone who knows what they are doing! With 10+ years of fixing hacked websites, we are so confident we can solve your problem quickly, we offer a money back guarantee if we can’t clean your website. If you’d prefer to call us, our number is 02 9955 2237.

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Our Services – Hacked Website Cleanup

When one of our client’s websites was hacked for the first time in 2007, it signalled a change in direction for us as a company. We knew we had to ensure our clients were protected, but we needed to become experts at resolving hacked website problems. Now more than ten years later, OPMC offers a comprehensive range of services relating to hacked website repair. Now, how to recover a hacked website? We want the process to be simple, quick and painless for you. This comes from our experience and expert customer service.

Fix the problem - properly!

One of the challenges with non specialist web developers and designers is they just don’t have the expertise to fix the problem.

Deep scan & Report

We can perform a deep scan on your site, and tell you exactly where the problems lie, before fixing.

Full cleanup & Backup

We’ll clean your website properly and provide a fully restorable and working backup.

Firewall protection

We’ll add a firewall to your website for ongoing protection (you can still use your current hosting).

Advice & Recommendations

We’ll partner with you to provide ongoing advice and recommendations to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Secure & Reliable Web Hosting

We’ve worked with a lot of hacked websites, and a recurring issue is the hosting. Move to our hosting to protect your investment and reputation.

Hacking is on the rise

Getting your website hacked may have come as a shock. But it’s a really common thing these days. The great news is it can be fixed quickly, and measures put in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Let’s solve this, together!

We truly believe a quality relationship leads to better outcomes. We’re really experienced with fixing hacked websites. Get in touch and find out for yourself whether or not we’re suitable.

Answers to Your Questions

Will this permanently solve my hacking problems?

No. Just fixing your hacked website is like us coming to clean house – the house will surely get dirty again after we’ve left. But not to worry, once we’ve cleaned your site we’ll provide recommendations on next steps to take preventative measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Kind of like those people who wrap their furniture on plastic so it doesn’t get dirty ever again! We do the same for your website.

Customers are saying they’re blocked from visiting my website, can you remove that?

Yes, we can! Google scans websites for malware, too. Why? Because they don’t want to refer their customers to a website which isn’t going to be healthy for them. When Google detects your website has malware, they’ll blacklist your site. They’ll also send that data to all their mates, so it quickly becomes unlikely there will be any visitors to your website after that. It needs to be properly cleaned as a priority above anything else. Once that’s done, we can quickly fix your Google listing, too.

I’ve already paid my web designer over $1,000 to solve this and nothing worked to fix the root cause, how is OPMC any different?

We were once like your web designer. And we didn’t know too much about hacked websites – it scared us! With over a decade of experience, we can confidently help you. If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you and it won’t cost you anything. If we say we can help, and we can’t solve the problem, we’ll refund you.

I don’t have a WordPress website, can you still help?

Yes! We have extensive experience in fixing not only other popular platforms such as Magento, Drupal, and Joomla. But also Windows based .NET systems using things such as DNN and Kentico. I don’t know what my website is made of, and I have no idea what you’re talking about above. I do know it’s hacked and it needs fixing! That’s ok, the geeky talk is over. Once we have access to review your site we’ll be able to take care of the problems and solve them for you, irrespective of what secret sauce your website is made of.

My website has a few weird things on it, but otherwise it’s still working. Does it really matter?

Great, fantastic. Maybe there is no website cleanup to do. Maybe, everything is fine. Perhaps there is a friendly bug in the code on your website, and so it’s nothing malicious at all. We’ve seen that. We’ve seen it all. We saw the client who was panicked that their website had been compromised when in fact it was just a mistake that was made when updating some things. We’ve seen the other end of the equation though too. Sometimes when there is a legitimate hacking issue, what you see when you visit the site is just like the tip of the iceberg. What you can’t see is what’s underneath that is already causing a whole lot of headaches that you won’t find out about until later. For example, a bit of malware can be injected into your website, so when people visit the website they will receive a little “gift” which is downloaded from your business website, to their computer, infecting their computer and spreading the damage far and wide. Having your website hacked is for many clients more than anything else a reputational problem.

How do you fix a malware infected site?

There are quite a range of reasons why someone has hacked into your website, there are some common and less obvious methods they have used. Sometimes it is an intentional targeted attack, sometime it’s just a robot roaming the internet ocean looking for something to destroy. As such, every site may need a different approach. Just like going to the doctor if you’re feeling unwell, the reasons however are unlimited. The common intention with all doctors is to bring you back to good health, so in that sense we are your website doctor.   When we review your site we’ll tell you what we believe the cause to be, as well as quickly fixing it. We’ll remove the virus from the website, or whatever it is that has happened.

I’ve been told the problem can’t be solved, what can I do?

Website malware removal is not easy for every web or IT expert. They may be great at what they do for you, just maybe not experts at this – and that’s okay! It takes an expert to determine what can and can’t be done. Often your provider is not an expert in fixing these problems, so, they won’t be able to solve the problem. Let us help you recover hacked website.

Do you fix WordPress sites?

Yes, the majority of the sites we work with are WordPress! WordPress is a great solution for businesses of all sizes, but too often the fundamental protection these sites need is not in place. Your site is 100x less likely to be hacked with some proactive measures from a specialist. Our WordPress malware removal services get to the bottom of the problem quickly, keeping things simple for you. We also work a lot with fixing hacked WooCommerce websites, a very popular ecommerce platform that runs on WordPress.

Recent hacked websites we fixed

Here’s some of our recent work and how we helped. Given the sensitive nature of hacking and its reputational effects, we do not disclose client names here (but happy to tell you more about what we did on request).

Puppy Breeder

A high traffic website that breeds puppies approached us when their website mysteriously went down and redirected people somewhere else undesirable! We got the call at 5PM on a Friday, and by 7PM the site was cleaned and up and running again. We’ve been advising the client ever since on best practice and the site has been fine and growing in popularity ever since!

Healthcare provider

A major healthcare provider saw their website attacked repeatedly. We worked to eliminate the multiple threats, and clear the issues up completely.

Small Law Firm

A small local law firm had their website hacked. We were able to solve the issue and repair the damage to their Google search ranking within a matter of days.

Let's solve this together!

Great solutions come from quality partnerships. Let us work together to help solve your website concerns, fix your hacked website and restore your credibility online.

Hi Ben and the team at OPMC, We just wanted to say thank you for the great work you did cleaning up our website after it was hacked. It was such a relief after speaking with Ben about our website and to then have you guys fix the issue so quickly. Having you guys look after our website since then has given us the confidence that our site is safe and whenever we do have any other issues your team is quick to respond and offer a solution. Thanks again guys!

We have had our website built a few years ago to give our bricks and mortar business an online presence and to conduct some of our business purely online. We are in a family friendly industry and had no issues for many years. That was until our site was hacked by someone using our site to take our customers and visitors to various sites on the internet. Unfortunately, to make a bad situation even worse, these sites were adult sites and we only knew about it when customers told us what was happening! We tried to call a number of different web security and hosting suppliers to stop our site being hijacked as well as to protect us from this ever happening again. Our calls went unanswered or of the few times they were answered, the web security company wanted exorbitant fees to get our site back in our control. The one exception to this was OPMC. We spoke to Ben late on Friday afternoon and by the end of the day we had our website and reputation back. Over the next few months and years we moved our website and all of our web security needs over to OPMC, knowing that their team is both fast and reliable to handle our online requirements. Over the years, our business has moved to being completely dependent on having a trustworthy and reliable online presence and the team at OPMC are the only people we trust with our online assets. We could not recommend them highly enough!


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